Final Project

For my final assignment in my Project and Portfolio class, I finished my audio for the Uranus Attacks game as well as recording the gameplay for it. My vision was to be a very fun lighthearted game. I wanted the sounds to be silly to compliment the gameplay. I wanted it to be entertaining, and blend nicely. I didn’t want anything to be overpowering or to stand out in a negative manner. 

For the creature sounds, I wanted to have contrast between the two as one is more high pitched and the other is more low pitched. I used my 4 year old for the barnaby’s. I distorted her voice and added white noise to thicken it up a bit. For the fnoon, I used my neighbors dog. I slowed and changed the pitch of it. 

For the teleport sounds, I used my voice. I wanted a spacey futuristic sound. I used synths to compliment the spiraling sound of my voice. I then reversed the finished sound while editing the iffy parts to make the teleport out asset. 

The engine sound was very difficult as I misunderstood the purpose of the engine. I did eventually make a loop using the sounds of a high powered washing machine. I blended it with the sounds of a synth and slowed them down to change it to a more spacey sound. 

For the planets, I had fun using the cheerful music I chose. I split it into 3 different parts to be the two separate planets and the winning music. Again, my vision was to keep it fun so this music won against a few other more serious choices. 

I thought this project was very difficult in the beginning as I had a lot of program crashes. In Wwise and in Pro Tools, I wound up having to restart multiple times which was very discouraging. After a chat with my professor, things started looking up and things started moving in the right direction. The project was definitely more fun and interesting. It inspired me to make my own video game at some point with a comic idea I came up with about 20 years ago. I will definitely be using skills I have learned here.

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