Week 1 Revisions

Revisions to Game Sounds 

June 5, 2016 

These revisions brought out even more creativity as I was out and about gathering sounds. I managed to get some people to let me record their cars starting, a nice loud yet rhythmic washing machine at the laundromat and some other things for other future projects. The most fun I have is definitely taking my Zoom recorder around and explaining what I'm doing to curious onlookers. For my vaporizer sound, I decided to go a completely different route and used a zipper sound. I pitched it up and added some effects, along with some synths with effects, and wala (sp?) a nifty, original, vaporizer. 

Next, I wanted a beefy engine sound. For this, I used a pick up truck in which the owner helped point me to the best spot for sound, which was the exhaust. I loved the way it came out. I wound up using the engine idling with effects for planet ambience as well. For the engine, I added a triangle wave with effects to give it more of a spacey feel. For the planets ambience, in addition to the idling engine sound, I used a sine wave and phaser effects to make it feel more out of this world. 

Last but not least, I again had fun with my toddlers animal like sounds out of her very own mouth. I attempted to get my dog to bark or growl, but her sheer love for me from recently rescuing her from the animal shelter has her being the most loveable little dog. She only bark if she senses an intruder, and definitely not with me and a recorder in her face. I tried my own animal noises but they weren't the most realistic so I left them to my toddler. She is great at making them as well as changing them. I used them along with lower pitched synths to even out her high pitch, and added varying distortion to her voice.

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