Week 2 Assets

Week 2 of my game sound assets 

June 9, 2016 

This time, we were instructed to make the alien Fnoon sounds, the second planets sound, and teleporting in and out. As a long time classroom disrupter as a child, I really wanted to make the sounds for the teleporters myself. And that I did. I recorded myself making the sound that I think a teleporter would make and combined them with various effects. These included my favorite (but expensive) Sonnox reverb. It's amazing what you can do to create totally different sounding environments. I also added some delay effects. I used a synth for some low end as my voice pitch was pretty high. 

For the Fnoon, I really did want to try and get my wonderful loving dog to bark again. It didn't work but I did get the neighbors dog to bark at my dog. I compiled various different style barkings and used them as the different Fnoon examples. It was sort of rythmic so I gave it a buzzy sounding synth to emphasize that. I also used phaser effects and delays. I've been really going for original sounding sounds, but finding a middle ground seems to be a challenge for me. 

For the planet, the sound of the parking garage at the VA hospital which I frequent is great. It's tough to record sound without people talking or hearing footsteps not long or consistent enough to loop but I did my best. I paired that with different reverb, delay to get the high pitched noise to blend better, and more aggressive effects like a wide slow phaser effect to make it even more space like. I used white noise with this.

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