Week 2 Revisions

Week 2 Revisions 

June 12, 2016 

For the teleport out sounds, I used varify, extended the file and slowed it down. Then I faded it down to give it a powering down feel. For the teleport in, I reversed the previous file and cut off some of the "powering up" sound, as well as faded it in. For the Fnoon sound, I lowered the pitch, and stretched it out with polyphonic morph. I cut it down to just 2 barks, and faded it out. Rinse and repeat with different sounding barks. Finally, for the planet, I used Varify to shift the pitch down and slow it down. I then EQ'ed the high end to remove the beep. I was very satisfied with how they came out. My professors feedback was very useful.

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